Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions we get asked the most…

Q:  What brands of shirts do you use?

A:  We offer a variety of brands, such as Hanes, Gildan, Jerzees, Bella, Fruit of the Loom…most anything that’s available.  Definitely too many to list here!  If you have a preference, let us know – 99 times out of 100 we can get it for you.


Q:  Do you have the t-shirts in stock at your shop?

A:  No. There are so many different styles and colors available, that we couldn’t possibly stock every color and size of every different style of garment.  That said, we can get most anything available through our suppliers, usually in a day or two.


Q:  Can you print one shirt for me?

A:  No…well, technically we could, but it’s not feasible, business-wise.  Screen printing is a process geared toward mass-reproduction of one design many times.  It would literally take us longer – to print out the film, burn that image onto a screen, and then set the screen up on the press – than it would to print the one shirt.  Our minimum order is 24 pieces.  That said, on rare occasions, we will print fewer than that.


Q:  I only need 20 t-shirts.  Can I get 4 sweatshirt, to increase my order to 24 pieces?

A:  Absolutely!  As long as we are printing the same imprint, in the same print locations, with the same inks, you can mix and match styles and colors.


Q:  Can you print one shirt for me to approve, before you print the rest of my order?
A:  Typically, the only time we can provide a “press proof” is for orders over 300, as the time lost waiting for approval is time we could spend printing other orders.  Now, if you can be here when we have the job on the press, and can give your approval at that time, that will work.  We will send you a digital proof that will approximate the appearance of the finished print for you to sign off on before we print anything.


Q:  I’m just starting my own clothing line, and only need a few shirts printed of each of my designs to get started, but I’ll be ordering a LOT of t-shirts later.  Can you print these few shirts for the same price as 100 of them?

A:  No, but if you order the minimum of 24 shirts for each design, we can likely give you the quantity discount when you place the larger order.


Q:  Can you print t-shirts for my party tomorrow?

A:  Sometimes we can!  It depends on how busy we are, and when you bring your order to us.  Rush jobs will incur a rush fee, which will vary depending how busy we are at the time you place your rush order.


Q:  What’s a “screen charge,” or a “set-up charge?”

A:  A screen charge is the cost for us to prepare a silk screen in order ro print your order.  A screen is needed for each color in your design; i.e., if your logo has three colors in it, we’ll need to make three screens in order to print your logo in three colors.  A “set-up charge” may refer to the screen charge, or it may refer to the cost to clean out an exiting screen from your previous order, and line it up on the press so that it prints correctly.


Q:  Why can’t you print shirts using the logo I pulled from my website?  It looks fine on my computer monitor.

A:  There are two different kinds of computer artwork files: raster and vectorRaster images are like photos; they consist of lots and lots of tiny colored dots, that your eyes see as one continuous color image.  When you print them or enlarge them, they tend to get fuzzy and are unsuitable for the purposes of screen printing.  Also, with a multi-colored raster image, it’s harder to separate the colors to create the artwork for each screen.  Vector images, on the other hand, are perfect for printing t-shirts, or creating cut-vinyl signs of vehicle graphics, because a vector file describes a shape as a mathematical equation, rather than a picture of that shape.  If it sounds too complicated, think of it as an outline of the design, that you can enlarge or reduce as much as you can image, without loss of image quality.  It’s also much easier to separate the colors for screen printing using a vector file, as the colors aren’t mixed to create the design.


Q:  I’ve called everyone in town, and the quotes I’ve gotten for my order are all over the map.  Why is that?

A:  Most of the time this has to do with the different quotes being for different quality t-shirts.  Always compare “apples to apples.”


Q:  Do you accept Discover card for payment.

A:  We do!  We also accept Visa and MasterCard, checks, and that time-honored standby, cash.


Q:  What do you need from me to get started on my order?

A:  Well, we will need to know what sizes you need and how many of each, your approval of the design to be printed, and a deposit of at least half of the cost of your order, with the remainder due when you pick up the order.


Q:  Can you ship my order to me upon completion?

A:  Absolutely.  For example, we once shipped to Kansas for a family reunion being held there, to save the customer from having to carry the shirts along on a plane.


Q:  Why are my shirts more expensive than the were last year?

A:  For the same reason that gasoline, or milk, is more expensive this year than last: cotton – like crude oil or milk – is a commodity item, and prices will fluctuate because of supply and demand, like any other commodity.


Q:  Where are you located?  What are your hours of business?

A:  We are located at 1019 E. Whitaker Mill Rd, near the intersection of Whitaker Mill Rd. and Wake Forest Rd.  You can click here for a map.  We are here from 9AM – 5PM, Monday through Friday.  Sometimes we close up early on Friday, so it’s best to call first if you plan to visit us on Friday afternoon.